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A group designed to help pilots that are seeking for their first job, market replacement or wishing to expatriate (work overseas). We provide educational material, current information, mentoring and training. We believe we are improving the qualifications of our professionals. Also supporting Aviation growth efficiently and safely. 

The story of Teaching For Free began in June 2018, envisioned by Captain Rafael Santos. 

Along with a group of airmen, they debated the deficiency in training shown in screenings, by the Brazilian candidates. Since then, the objective was to improve this situation. Putting into practice ideas for providing free content, training, and advice to professional pilots. The group grew a lot in a short period of time. Therefore the need to create an Association to legally sign contracts with companies, schools or even government organizations.

For people who want to exchange information and knowledge in training and mentoring pilots who wish to get their first job, return to the job market,  or who want to work with airlines from other countries. Whether you are an aviation beginner or an International Airline Experienced Pilot, working in Executive Aviation or Military Aviation, all of these are important in the common goal of sharing knowledge. Join us on this mission!

Voluntarily assist pilots to join or relocate to the job market in Brazil and abroad.

– Flight Safety

– Ethic

– Transparency

– Respect

– Dedication

To become a reference in Brazil regarding pilot training and orientation.

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Our videos and the importance of sharing aviation-related content.

Addressing all areas, the focus is on disseminating as much aviation-related material as possible.

One of our pillars, Flight Safety.
A topic that deserves our special attention and be frequently addressed.

From operating a large International airline jet to agricultural aviation, you will find it here.



Selective Process Teaching For Free

Hello Warriors ! The selection process for the Private Pilot and Flight attendant Scholarships is open. Visit: for information and download the announcement, good

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The First Book of Teaching!

eBook – Experimental Aircraft Hello Aviators! We’re launching this e-book, sure that it will transform your vision of “Experimental Aviation,” as the amateurish way of

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Area for the dissemination of Study Materials and Documents that contribute to better qualification and operation of air activities.



Plataforma Colaborativa

Divulgação de informações de aeródromos. Nova parceria, que complementa as informações do nosso I-Notam. Compartilhe informações preciosas!

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Companhia das Asas

Escola de Aviação Civil

Apoie os parceiros que nos ajudam a cumprir nossa missão!

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Delta 5

Simuladores de Voo

Apoie os parceiros que nos ajudam a cumprir nossa missão!

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Seja um Parceiro!

Teaching For Free

Venha com a gente nesta Missão.

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Universidade Anhembi Morumbi

Laureate International Universities

Apoie os parceiros que nos ajudam a cumprir nossa missão!

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Canal ASA no Youtube

Aviation, Space & ATC

Apoie os parceiros que nos ajudam a cumprir nossa missão!

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Escola de Aviação Congonhas

Apoie os parceiros que nos ajudam a cumprir nossa missão!

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eBook - Aeronaves Experimentais

Aviadores e Aviadoras,

seguindo o nosso objetivo de compartilhar material de qualidade totalmente gratuito, estamos orgulhosamente lançando nosso primeiro livro digital com informações que são pertinentes para todo e qualquer piloto! Adquira já! Basta inserir o seu e-mail! Boa leitura!

Não compartilhamos informações pessoais.

Caso não tenha recebido o e-mail, >>clique aqui<<

Para suporte, entre em contato com algum administrador no nosso grupo do >>Telegram<< ou envie email para